mardi 6 décembre 2016

European Angst Conference, Bozar, Brussels, Belgium, 6th december 2016

Opening speach by Herta Müller

"We should not take freedom for granted, they may try to take it away from us."

 "Freedom is something some people fear and others not."

"Who do you think you are? - A human beeing like you. - That's what you think. We decide who you are. "

 On screen tweets reflect the reactions in the audience.

While Herta Müller denounces the recent attacks in Saxony, Germany on asylum seekers homes  others see as it as an expression of "justified fear", like Lukasz Warzecha, a Polish journalist and invited speaker for wednesday 7th december at the conference. 

In brief:
"Populism, extremism and euroscepticism are haunting Europe, creating a tense atmosphere in which fear, hate, anger and anxiety generate a climate of European Angst. The current rise of radical parties such as AFD in Germany, UKIP in Great Britain and FN in France indicates a drastic change in European societies and politics – and the more momentum these populist parties and movements gain, the more clueless the established political, cultural and legislative institutions seem to be. A recent expression of this phenomenon is the surprising outcome of the referendum in Great Britain in which a majority, incited by populist leaders, voted to leave the European Union without necessarily grasping the consequences of this act.
Why is this happening now? And how are we dealing with it?
During two days the conference European Angst wants to shed light on these questions.  Among the participants are the writers and philosophers Slavoj Žižek and Elif Shafak (DiEM25), Didier Eribon and Nobel Prize winner Herta Müller, as well as 40 students selected in an open call. "

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