dimanche 4 septembre 2016

From across the Spree. 

Berlin, Germany, August 2016.

The Reichstag building and its glass dome, symbol of Germany's reunification in 1989.

Amazone in front of the Alte Museum.

The building of the famous Kunsthaus Tacheles (Art House Tacheles), "straight talking"in yiddisch, it became a famous artist squat and was open to the public until 2012.

Berlin Tempelhof

Built by Ernst Sagebiel, the Tempelhof airport became the gigantic entrance to Hitlers new Germany in the 30's. Under the Nazis it was turned into Berlin's central concentration camp "Columbia House". During the war, imprisoned laborers were forced to build aircraft in the hangars. After the war it was used by the United States and its allies to run the airlift "Luftbrücke" that saved West Berlin from a Soviet blockade.

Closed since 2008, the former Tempelhof Airport was turned into a very much loved parc in 2010. Since then the 300 hectar space in central Berlin attracts families, joggers, rollerbladers, kite-flyers, wind-karters, urban gardeners, yoga enthusiasts and hipsters.

In automne 2015 it has been turned into what is now Germanys biggest refugee camp. Today more then 1200 refugees, men, women and children live in seven hangars of the airport.
Though from the outside the buildings look empty and calm.
But inside, complains about a lack of privacy, constant noise and light in the halls designed for aircrafts get louder.
Authorities announced plans to close turn the mass shelter into a reception center from on September 2016.
Refugees should then stay there a maximum of 72 hours, before being transferred to a proper living space elsewhere.

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