dimanche 2 décembre 2018

Brüssel läuft fürs Klima.

Über 65 OOO Menschen haben sich bei feuchtem Wetter am Sonntag den 2 Dezember 2018 in der europäischen Hauptstadt friedlich auf die Strasse begeben. Zu Fuss oder mit dem Rad haben ihrer Sorge um den Klimawandel Ausdruck gegeben. Unter ihnen viele Kinder und Jugendliche, mit Aufrufen an Politiker weltweit auf Versprechen endlich Taten folgen zu lassen.

vendredi 7 juillet 2017

 Hamburgs G20 - 7th july 2017

From education strike demonstration to escalation 

The G20 held this in time in Hamburg started off with a huge movement of contest not only for political reasons, but citizens and activist both agreed that the choice of center of town wasn't the bestSituated in the center right next to the Schanzenviertel and Sankt Pauli, a neighbourhood known for its decade long tradition of left wing activist movement was then thrown into days of protest and violent clashes between protesters and riot police.


Protected stores at the Schanzenviertel.

Apparently radicals from outside Hamburg joined the protest and destroyed stores, lit fires and caused the lock down of the public transport and trains until the early morning.
But before, Friday morning the 7th of July 2017, everything was calm, sunny and filled with solidarity and engagement.
The Bildungsstreik united teenagers in a protest that started off peacefully and well organised. School children, who skipped school in protest against the G20 and students who were claiming a different education system, the welcoming of refugees, climate responsibility and the end of capitalism.

'Hate is never great'

From the very beginning, the organizers reminded everyone to "not cover ones faces and to shout out loud  strong slogans instead".

Valentin 14, would like to have a society with more equality, he says before shaking again the flag that claims antifascim.

Katalina 18 and Carla 17 'There is no planet B'

 and Annkathrin are both 18. They decided to draw posters and to join the movement to get engaged and to have fun. The same for Katalina and Carla, 17.

Holger Schmidt, 45,  in a wheelchair came all the way from Brandenburg to participate

Sureja, 23, when asked what she thinks about the strong riot police presence says, that she finds it a bit scary but that she was decided to run, if something would go wrongShe participated in the organization of the march.

A group of Roma women joined the march.

'Heimathafen' on the way to Sankt Paul. 
A woman sitting in front of riot police at the Sankt Pauli station.
The march ended peacefully at Sankt Pauli station where a very nervous riot police surrounded the square. Reminding the police of the legacy of the demonstration, the organizers invited those who wanted to leave to leave as tensions got more intense. Some of the teenagers left but the majority stayed. At around 3 pm more and more groups joined the demonstration and the Education strike protest slowly turned into an unauthorized anti G20 protest who kicked off the confrontations that would later end in street fights and a night of unseen violence.

Razie and Charlotte, booth 14, joined the Educationstrike .

Riot police blocked the access end the exit and the entrance and everyone was blocked.

'Rhythms of the system' a dancing group challenging the riot police with music. 

Moving from the square down to the harbour at the station of Landungsbrücken groups from the Blach Block joined. The now unauthorized protest was met with water cannons and the riot police closed the streets. 
Crowds of people, tourists, teenagers, and citizens were blocked between protesters and the harbour.

Stop war not people.

Citizen caught in protest.

When the tourists asked the riot police to leave, they would not let them through.
"You knew its the G20 here" they were told.
From above the bridge of the Landungsbrücken they watch the confrontation.

People staying in the background on the Landungsbrücken bridges.

Tourists trying to find an open street.

jeudi 15 juin 2017

( Photo de mon CM:Laurent & Mylady, Résidence du Cpas 2016)

Creative workshop in a residency home with artist Luc Bernard, the culture centre Venerie and the CEC, center for expression and creativity. 


samedi 1 avril 2017

26th of march 2017

'Risk-taking in our uncertain age' 

the leitmotif of this years Passa Porta Literature Festival 2017 - Brussels

On Sunday 26th of march a major event concluded the weekend: Annie Ernaux at Bozar; 

Reading of "Mémoire de fille" by Virginie Efira

Annie Ernaux in conversation with Ysaline Parisis