lundi 16 mai 2016

 Brenner Pass - the transparent fence

No fence will divide South and North Tyrol for now but still migrants are confronted with an nearly impassable line. But despite police and military controls some still take their chance to pass the invisible border, dreaming of a better life further north.

Saturday, 14th of may 2016, at the Brenner train station.

Musa slept in the train station, hoping to get on a train to Paris, where his girlfriend lives. 
The Brenner station, 16th of may 2016
Samir, David, Moustafa and others came from Tunesia, Ethopia, Gambia, Libya across the the mediterranean. Filled with dreams of Germany they will try to get on a train at the Brenner Pass. 
Next stop Brenner Pass, the highway over Gossensass.

The small city of Gossensass, where German speaking culture and catholic religion predominate the landscape.

 Bolzano - Bozen, the capital of South Tyrol. 14th of may 2016.

Val di Vizze - Pfitsch
15th of may 2016. Wiesen is a small village where Caritas runs a camp in old military buildings.

 Bill Paolo Valente, Caritas director for the region of South Tyrol.

Photos related to EUObserver reportage 

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